BCM has tons of ministry and fellowship opportunities. Here are a few.


International Conversation Club

Tuesdays at 6:15p

Get to know international students, learn from them, help them with English. As you help internationals understand American culture share your faith with them as well.



Thursdays at 7:00p

Thursdays are for gathering! We worship through song, have an interactive large group Bible Study, then hang out. Thursdays are the best night of the week!

Evangelism Groups

Throughout the week

Share your faith. God wants us to be able to talk to others about Him. We will train you and take you out to share your faith with students on campus.

Freshmen Wolf Packs

Throughout the week

Wolf packs are designed just for freshmen. We want to help you thrive spiritually, socially, and academically during your first semester.



Throughout the school year

Throughout the year we have several intramural teams for guys, girls, and coed: football, indoor soccer, basketball, softball, etc.

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Postponed during COVID

Lunch is a great front door into the BCM. We want to feed you physically and spiritually. Churches provide a homecooked meal, we provide a Christian speaker, and you invite your friends! Just $1 and your 1st time is FREE.




Spend your breaks serving God. BCM usually serves during winter and Spring Breaks. AND we can help you find a Summer service opportunity at a camp or serving with NAMB or IMB.


Naked Guys

Meet at BCM 3 hours before kickoff

We've got spirit! The BCM Naked Guys are a long-standing BCM tradition. We lead Astate in spirit and Christian example every home football game.

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Throughout the week

Wolfpacks are community bible studies. Step 1: Find a group you share a common interest with - major, dorm, or hobby. Step 2: Invest spiritually. Step 3: Invite a friend with the same common interest and help them invest spiritually.